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Amwell’s C500 Telemedicine Cart Named “Best Virtual Care Solution” in 2021 by MedTech Breakthrough Awards

best virtual care solution award

We are proud to announce that our C500 telemedicine cart has won the “Best Virtual Care Solution” award from MedTech Breakthrough, an independent market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global health and medical technology market. This is our second MedTech Breakthrough award win, having also won “Best Overall TeleHealth Solution” in 2020, and we continue to be honored by the recognition of the value of our solutions and the impact they are having on healthcare.

“Virtual care is one of the most critical and exciting healthcare technology categories this past year, and Amwell’s C500 cart is delivering a breakthrough virtual care experience in this area, empowering providers to conduct the most efficient, high-quality remote exams possible,” said James Johnson, managing director, MedTech Breakthrough. “The C500 can greatly improve care delivery, whether it’s helping staff stand up tele-isolation room to quickly and effectively triage COVID patients or allowing providers to diagnose and treat stroke patients quicker, the C500 empowers care delivery to patients that health systems might have not otherwise been able to reach. Congratulations to Amwell again this year for a well-deserved MedTech Breakthrough Award win.”

As a company on a mission to connect and enable healthcare’s key stakeholders to deliver greater access to more affordable, higher quality care – our telemedicine carts are instrumental in our ability to democratize healthcare resources, and they have never been more critical. During the pandemic, telemedicine carts were used to keep providers safe, allowing them to monitor and continue seeing highly contagious patients at a safe distance. They were also used to ‘beam’ specialists and other healthcare personnel from one part of the country to another, especially impactful in geographies hardest hit by COVID-19 or in areas without the same access to care.

Specifically, the C500 was recognized for its ability to deliver a big impact with a small footprint. Its cutting-edge technology empowers providers to conduct the most efficient, high-quality remote exams possible. New features like an embedded 4K camera, beamforming microphones that focus on the speaker, and adaptable form factors greatly improve the clinician experience. Some highlights include:

  • Ready when you are. With smart cart sensors, you save time spent waiting for technology—the C500 wakes up the moment you approach your workstation.
  • Adaptive to your environment. A camera that responds immediately to user commands lets you move at your pace and beamforming microphones focus in on the speaker, so you hear what matters most.
  • Simple to use. An intuitive design and sleek interface make using the cart easy and seamless.
  • Performance that lasts. Durable glass, protective coverings, and increased battery life keep you running at high performance for the long run.
  • Worry-Free Fleet Monitoring. Remote monitoring, auto alerts and over-the-air (OTA) updates ensure your telehealth solution is up and running at all times.

The C500 is versatile and supports every workflow, from patient triage to specialist consults. While the use cases are plentiful, the following are some of the most impactful ones we see across our clients:

  • ED Triage: With the C500, you can divert select ED cases to on-site virtual visits to address increasing patient volumes and wait times. With just one touch to start a virtual visit, the C500 simplifies connecting ED staff to remote providers. The care team can then utilize tools like enhanced camera control, integrated peripherals, and an easy stethoscope plug-in to assess patients and enable quicker discharges.
  • Telestroke: Utilizing the C500 for telestroke care allows providers to diagnose and treat stroke patients more quickly. New cases can be created with one click to document vital information in the stroke intake form. The cart’s agility and small footprint make it a great solution for busy EDs, giving on-site staff the ability to move it quickly to where it is needed most. An optional pan-tilt-zoom camera add-on capable of 20x zoom enables the remote neurologist to examine the patient quickly and carefully and recommend the best treatment.
  • Acute Behavioral Health: The C500 permits staff to bring in a psychiatrist with one touch. The agile cart can be easily moved in and out of treatment rooms to ensure patient safety, and the self-contained system eliminates the chance of patients harming themselves with loose components. Leveraging Amwell’s provider network through the C500, health systems can expand access to psychiatric care, ensure better treatment for patients in mental distress, and reduce length of stay.
  • Isolation Rooms: The COVID-19 pandemic and the need to triage and contain the spread of the virus have increased the importance and prevalence of isolation rooms in hospitals. The C500 helps staff stand up teleisolation rooms, allowing clinicians to instantly connect to on-site patients—all while conserving personal protective equipment (PPE) and avoiding unnecessary in-person interaction. With the C500’s enhanced audio and video performance, providers can quickly and effectively triage COVID patients in this manner in order to determine the safest, best next step.

Amwell equips clinicians, patients, and the industry that supports them, with the tools to realize a better healthcare experience by delivering a full end-to-end telemedicine solution. The C500 delivers on this mission by providing high-impact virtual care with the footprint that fits health systems’ needs best.

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