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Triple-S Salud: How Virtual Care Drove ED Diversion and Repeat Visits for Puerto Rico's Largest Health Plan

Triple-S Salud, the largest health insurance company in Puerto Rico, launched a virtual care program in 2018 to better serve its nearly 1 million members. The health plan hoped a telehealth offering would better assist them in caring for a large territory and help address cultural healthcare behaviors among its members, including high emergency department (ED) use.

The Triple-S telehealth program, TeleConsulta MD, gained traction among members through innovative marketing tactics to build brand awareness. When COVID-19 hit in 2020, TeleConsulta MD was uniquely positioned on the island to be the telehealth platform for its members when physical care locations were closed.

Watch this webinar to hear Triple-S Salud’s Ivelisse M. Fernandez, Chief Marketing and Communication Officer, and Dr. José Novoa-Loyola, Chief Medical Officer, discuss the launch and expansion of TeleConsulta MD, including how the health plan:

  • Saw a 15% ED diversion rate via telehealth, compared to an industry average of 3%
  • Encouraged repeat virtual care visits among members
  • Built brand awareness of TeleConsulta MD through marketing initiatives
  • Saw COVID-19 drive telehealth usage among Millennial and Z generations
  • Plans to use telehealth for general practitioner-specialist consults and elder care