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Unlocking the Quadruple Aim with Automated Virtual Care

Health organizations face substantial challenges in delivering a great care experience, while achieving important clinical and financial outcomes. Amwell and Conversa are leading an unprecedented transformation in healthcare by breaking down the silos separating physical, virtual, and digital care and are unlocking the potential of digital technology to reduce costs, improve outcomes, and transform the patient and clinician experience.

During this session with Nick Patel, MD, Chief Digital Officer, Prisma Health, and Deborah Muro, Chief Information Officer, El Camino Hospital, we discussed the potential to unlock the quadruple aim with automated virtual care.

  • Quality of Care – The ‘space between visits’ is our biggest opportunity to improve outcomes. Automated clinical programs and patient monitoring improve treatment adherence, generate valuable clinical insights, and speed up our ability to identify warning signs before they snowball.
  • Cost of Care – Combining synchronous virtual care and automated clinical programs enables healthcare organizations to design treatment plans that maximize clinicians’ time and meet patients where they are, increasing efficiency and patient adherence and reducing costs.
  • Patient / Member Experience – For decades, consumers have endured a healthcare experience that is fragmented, time-consuming, and difficult to navigate. Now, the blend of digital and in-person experiences is empowering and supporting patients as they care for their health.
  • Clinician Experience – Clinicians are burned out from too much admin work and troubleshooting. Combining automated care and virtual care empowers them to maximize their time with patients, leverage clinical data, optimize care plans, and scale their impact.