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How UPMC Health Plan Used Hospital Partnerships to Improve Care, Outcomes and Experiences

Payers and providers within an integrated delivery network (IDN) all share the common goals of better outcomes, reduced costs, and an improved patient-provider experience. The more innovative IDNs, like University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) in Pennsylvania, recognize the potential of virtual care cross-collaboration in achieving these goals.

UPMC, who offers virtual care through UPMC Health Plan, has been an innovator in telehealth since 2015 when it began providing virtual urgent care to ent programs for pregnancy, behavioral health, pediatrics and more. As UPMC Health Plan’s virtual care strategy evolved, it began to identify new opportunities that bridge the gap between payer and provider and strengthen the care both can provide to members and patients.

In this webinar, telehealth team leads from the payer and provider side of UPMC will discuss this budding virtual care partnership within the IDN, and how the health plan and hospitals are working togethmembers. Today, UPMC has grown its program to include dozens of use cases, including impactful care managemer to use virtual care to positively impact the organization’s mission and goals.