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The Clinical Perspective and Impact of Virtual Primary Care

One of the biggest challenges in health care today is ensuring access to quality, efficient continuity care. The value of virtual urgent care was unequivocally proven during the COVID pandemic. The pandemic also drew a spotlight to inequities in longitudinal care for chronic disease and mental health, and the critical role that virtual access can play in mitigating those inequities. Technology has the power to connect a multidisciplinary team of in-network providers to help members manage complex conditions and achieve better health outcomes at lower cost.

Watch this webinar recording to hear from clinician leaders from Amwell as they share

  • Real-life experience with virtual primary care (VPC) and connected virtual mental health care
  • How such virtual programs drive better outcomes and higher satisfaction for member

You will also get an overview of Amwell’s VPC program and how smartly designed programs can increase member engagement and access, improve health outcomes, and reduce medical spend by providing automated between-visit touchpoints and routing members to the right care at the right time.