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Maintaining the Highest Clinical Quality Standards in Telehealth for Your Program

Through delivering care through the Online Care Group and deep partnerships with the nation’s leading health systems, Amwell has developed clinical protocols and strategies for ensuring the highest quality of care is delivered to patients.

Watch this webinar to hear from Amwell’s Dr. Peter Antall, Chief Medical Officer, and Stephanie Smith, Director of Clinical Quality Assurance, who shared the keys to success in delivering high-quality telemedicine, including how you can get started with your own virtual care program.

They were joined by Dr. Nitin Nanda, CEO & Chairman of Aligned Telehealth, a leader in the provision of tele-behavioral health and telepsychiatry services to hospitals and health plans. Dr. Nanda discussed the unique clinical quality standards associated with delivering acute behavioral health services virtually, and how those standards are maintained during a virtual consult.