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The Space In-between Visits

Telehealth has proven critical to allowing physicians to continue providing needed and ongoing care to patients during the pandemic. While the technology has largely been used to replace or support in-person care, its capabilities aren’t limited to times when patients seek care or providers initiate it. The space in-between visits is ripe with opportunities for telehealth to improve the patient healthcare experience. It’s during this stretch of time when patients are left alone that we can intelligently customize the care they receive.

In this panel, leading healthcare organizations share how they are thinking about virtual care’s role in the time between visits, and how they are utilizing connected devices, automated interactions, and other virtual care tactics to interact—and if needed, intervene—with patients.

  • Fernando Dias Correia, MD Ph.D., Chief Medical Officer, SWORD Health
  • Murray Brozinsky, CEO, Conversa
  • Chris LaCoe, Vice President Virtual Health, Penn State Health