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Telepsychiatry Can Help Address Emergency Department Boarding and Long Wait Times, and Improve Patient Outcomes

In October 2021, there were a total of 716 behavioral health patients being boarded in one of the 57 hospital emergency departments (ED) in Massachusetts1. Unfortunately, this problem is not unique to Massachusetts. Across the country patients are waiting days for an ED or inpatient psychiatry consult.

The country-wide psychiatry shortage, coupled with an ongoing mental health crisis, are exacerbating the issue, and causing long wait times for in-hospital mental health care, and also prolonging wait times for critical medical conditions in the ED, further adding to provider burnout and frustration. How do we solve for this?

In this webinar, you’ll hear how two hospitals—Cleveland Clinic Indian River and Dignity Health—are using telepsychiatry services to significantly increase access to psychiatrists and improve wait times for mental healthcare in the ED and inpatient settings.