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How Cleveland Clinic Achieves ED Avoidance & Reduced Readmissions through its ET3 Model and Other Virtual Care Programs

Receiving quality care from an emergency medicine physician following a 9-1-1 call is critical, but how can you bring the expertise of the physician directly to the patient without transport to the ED to reduce delays in care and unnecessary admissions? From initial emergency dispatch and treatment in place to in-transit care, telehealth has a place in the EMS care.

In the webinar, Dr. Bryan Graham, Medical Director of the Virtual Emergency Medicine Program at Cleveland Clinic, and Chris O’Rourke, Institute Administrator for the Emergency Services Institute at Cleveland Clinic, discussed how the health system has scaled and grown its Virtual ED Model to divert unnecessary emergency department admissions and reduce readmission, all while replicating emergency care in the field.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how Cleveland Clinic:

  • Avoided ED transports for 70% of patients
  • Secured buy-in from EMS agencies
  • Partnered with a major wireless network operator to improve connectivity in the field
  • Staffed its program with dedicated emergency medicine physicians


  • Dr. Bryan Graham, Medical Director, Virtual Emergency Medicine Program, Cleveland Clinic
  • Chris O’Rourke, Institute Administrator, Emergency Services Institute, Cleveland Clinic