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A Seismic Shift: Telehealth Usage During COVID-19—And How It Will Shape the Future of Healthcare

Before health systems can think strategically about growing their virtual care programs, it’s important to understand what happened during the pandemic and how it changed consumer and physician perceptions of virtual care. Amwell recently fielded two surveys focused on consumer and provider sentiments toward telehealth.

In this webinar, Mary Modahl, Chief Marketing Officer at Amwell, discussed the results of these surveys and digs deeper into:

  • How COVID-19 has accelerated hybrid care models that combine in-person and virtual care
  • How reimbursement uncertainty could inhibit the growth of virtual care
  • The importance of usability in provider and consumer adoption of telehealth technology
  • How consumer access to virtual care and the know-how to leverage it remain highly uneven
  • Strategic decisions health systems can make to influence the future direction of virtual care