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Why Second Opinions Are Important for Managing Complex Conditions

The frequency of misdiagnosis in healthcare is surprisingly high, particularly when complex conditions are involved. Studies show that among patients with significant illness, 21% of diagnoses were incorrect and 66% required modification.

While second opinions are an effective means of combatting misdiagnosis, incorporating them into the care path — including securing timely access to the best specialists for specific conditions, orchestrating medical record collection, and reinterpreting radiology and pathology — is a logistical challenge.

In this webinar, leaders from Cleveland Clinic and The Clinic, a unique joint venture that offers streamlined virtual second opinions in partnership with Amwell, will examine:

  • How and why misdiagnosis really happen
  • The clinical processes where diagnostic errors tend to occur
  • The cost impact of misdiagnoses in overall episodes of care
  • The four essential elements for successful incorporation of second opinions in complex care management