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In the Shadows of the Pandemic: How COVID-19 has Spurred a Mental Health Crisis and the Critical Evolving Role of Virtual Care

A new study shows that one in three people infected with COVID-19 is also diagnosed with a mental health or neurological condition, including anxiety, mood disorder, substance use disorders, and insomnia. It has also become increasingly apparent that the pandemic has had serious implications on the mental health of the general population at large, brought on by isolation, fear, anxiety, and fatigue.

During this webinar, Amwell’s Lindsay Henderson, PsyD, Director of Psychological Services, will discuss common mental health conditions and causes she is most commonly seeing via telehealth, while Marie Renzi, Director of Marketing and Health Plan and Employer Engagement, will outline how health plans should be thinking differently about engaging members in a virtual behavioral health benefit. Watch the webinar to learn:

  • How anxiety around reopening, vaccine rollouts, and pandemic fatigue is driving virtual visits
  • Best practices for offering virtual behavioral health services and engaging members
  • The role virtual primary care can plan in driving members to mental health support