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Can Telehealth Technology & Policy Solve the Health Inequity Crisis?

One of the fundamental benefits of virtual care is its ability to expand access. However, is it expanding access for those who need it most? And are those who need it most protected under current and future telehealth policy?

In this panel, we bring together leading healthcare, technology, and policy experts to tackle the questions that we all want to know:

  • Can telehealth address health inequities among the most vulnerable of populations?
  • Is the care that is being delivered virtually being delivered to those who need it most?
  • Are technological inequities creating larger gaps in care?
  • What policies are helping bridge this divide?
  • With as much as 80% of our physical health and mental well-being bound to social determinants of health, how is telehealth helping—and what more can and should be done to close glaring gaps in health equity that we see across the country?