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Comprehensive Virtual Behavioral Health Care: Delivering Evidence-based and Innovative Paths to Better Care

We’ve entered a new era of how mental health treatment is conceptualized, offered, measured, and delivered. Virtual and digital tools are the key drivers and offer a wealth of opportunities for comprehensive, multidimensional behavioral health care for all. However, it is only through personalized, evidence-based treatment which leverages machine learning and big data analytics that the opportunity can be fully realized, by answering what works best for whom, and why.   

Amwell’s unique Comprehensive Virtual Behavioral Health program spans the full range of modalities and individual needs. It covers digital mental health tools for lower acuity conditions to longitudinal therapy and psychiatry for higher acuity care. 

In this webinar, you’ll hear about the critical components of this comprehensive program, including how automated care can be escalated to virtual or in-person care for early intervention when necessary. You’ll also learn about our research and science, which demonstrates not only the clinical effectiveness of online cognitive behavioral health therapy, but how we are able to map individuals to their optimal intervention via precision treatment rules. Finally, you’ll discover how this optimizes user and clinical response to digital mental health, identifies measures relevant to different groups and settings, and even predicts outcomes with high accuracy to maximize clinical benefit. 

  • John Jesser, President, Clinical Solutions, Amwell
  • Ken Cahill, CEO, SilverCloud Health
  • Jorge Palacios, MD, PhD, Senior Digital Scientist, SilverCloud Health