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Everyone’s Using Telehealth: Breaking Through the Barriers to Drive Emphatic Engagement for Consumers and Providers

Prior to COVID-19, a good percentage of Americans had never used telehealth to see a doctor, and could barely imagine the scope of how it could be used. Similarly, provider adoption of telehealth was slow and limited primarily to early adopters and clinical champions. But the pandemic has changed everything. Consumer and physician knowledge and adoption of telehealth has skyrocketed, and we are now faced with exciting opportunities—and new barriers—to continued telehealth adoption among these two key stakeholder groups.

In this webinar, Ali Hyatt, Vice President of Marketing at Amwell, breaks down the top 10 lessons for making consumers and providers love telehealth beyond the pandemic. Utilizing data on consumer and physician sentiments and lessons from other industries in the digital era, she dives into tangible tactics for engaging providers and consumers in telehealth, including:

  • How to address the gap between trying telehealth and loving telehealth
  • Engage consumers in virtual care during key parts of the care journey
  • Using targeted messaging to reach different populations
  • Setting physicians up for success through digital staff support and engagement tactics
  • Leveraging best practices to drive physician adoption
  • Key learnings from the online shifts for banking, shoe shopping and furniture buying