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Virtual Primary Care and Its Role in Keeping Care In-Network

The health care system spends $32 billion annually on avoidable ER visits that could be treated by primary care physicians. In addition, many members continue to seek care out of network; it is estimated that 12% of patient health care spend goes toward out-of-network care.

For health insurance providers looking to guide members to in-network care, better manage costs, close gaps in care, and attract and retain members, a virtual primary care program is an attractive option.

In this webinar, John Jesser, President of Clinical Solutions at Amwell, will reveal new research on consumer interest in virtual primary care (VPC) and discuss how health plans can think strategically about this new health plan product.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Consumer sentiments toward seeing their PCP virtually
  • How to position VPC as a distinct digital health plan product, keeping in line with an HMO or PPO
  • The key differences between virtual primary care and virtual urgent care
  • How VPC steers members to in-network services and addresses gaps in care