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Intermountain Healthcare: Optimizing the Provider-Patient Digital Experience Through Telehealth Interoperability

Intermountain Healthcare, a not-for-profit health system based in Salt Lake City, Utah, has built a system-wide telehealth program that spans both direct-to-consumer and acute care. In this webinar, Intermountain Healthcare discusses telehealth integration interoperability from the perspective of the patient—from its innovative Digital Front Door initiative to its broader vision of how telehealth fits into that consumer digital experience—and from the perspective of the provider—including EHR integration.

Watch the webinar to learn about Intermountain’s approach to:

  • Patient-facing and back-end integrations needed for enterprise-wide telehealth interoperability
  • Addressing technical challenges associated with telehealth and digital interoperability
  • Tactical digital engagement of the consumer and provider

In the webinar, you will hear from:

  • Tim Lovell, Director of Operations, Intermountain Connect Care, Intermountain Healthcare
  • Jared Antczak, Director, Consumer Digital Solutions
  • Bryan Wang, Connect Care Product Manager, Intermountain Healthcare
  • Daniel Eisenman, Senior Director, Sales Engineering, Amwell