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Horizon Health Services sees 40% reduction in wait times for psychiatric services

In this case study, you'll learn about how Horizon Health has converted more than 50% of patient visits to virtual care and reduced psychiatric wait times by 40%.

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Horizon Health Services wanted to expand their behavioral health offerings virtually to benefit patients and providers. They partnered with Amwell to implement their virtual care strategy with the goals of improving access to care and wait times, decreasing no-show rates and cancellations, expanding their offerings beyond their current physical locations, and attracting new staff who sought virtual or hybrid work opportunities. 

Read this case study to learn how Horizon Health has:

  • Converted more than 50% of patient visits to virtual care.
  • Reduced psychiatric wait times by 40%.
  • Streamlined the virtual care experience for providers by allowing them to stay within the EHR.
  • Driven a 93% virtual care satisfaction rate across patients and providers.