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Designing Virtual Care for the Pediatric Population

As health systems across the country continue to embrace virtual care in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations are finding that program design is a critical component to provider and patient engagement and adoption.

Nemours Children’s Health System, with a presence in five eastern states, has been on the leading edge of telehealth since launching its direct-to-consumer telehealth program, Nemours CareConnect, in 2015. Since then, the health system has methodically created a virtual care experience tailored to its pediatric population. The approach has included integrating virtual care into the Nemours mobile app to create a family-friendly digital experience and integrating telehealth into the EHR to encourage provider adoption.

In this webinar, leaders from Nemours’ virtual care team detail how the organization:

  • Embeds telehealth into the overall digital consumer experience
  • Engages providers in virtual care and supports their continued use of the technology
  • Leverages video visits for urgent care, specialty care, behavioral health, physical therapy and more