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Improve mental health outcomes within primary care by virtualizing and digitalizing your Collaborative Care Model

Nearly 60% of all patients who receive mental health treatment do so from their primary care physicians, who oftentimes feel ill-equipped to manage these cases. But with 60% of U.S. counties lacking a single psychiatrist, how do we support primary care providers and their patients?

The Collaborative Care Model (CoCM) has proven overwhelmingly effective at integrating behavioral health into the primary care setting, yet health systems still struggle with psychiatrist staffing and with maintaining a registry to help scale services.

In this webinar, we explore how health systems can leverage a combination of virtual psychiatry services, digital mental health tools with behavioral health coaching, and a digital registry to build a sustainable behavioral health model within primary care. Watch the webinar to learn how Amwell’s Comprehensive Collaborative Care program can help you:

  • Alleviate the burden placed on primary care providers
  • Improve mental health outcomes within primary care
  • Deliver a strong reimbursement return