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Doing Well Episode 5: Virtual Nursing: a hybrid care approach to acute patient care

As one of the largest health systems in Georgia, Wellstar serves patients in a variety of specialties, from primary to cancer care at over 300 facilities in North and West Georgia. As an institution committed to compassionate, customized patient care, Wellstar sought to launch a virtual nursing program that could not only support their existing team of in-person nurses but could improve the patient experience and deliver another level of the personalized care for all patients who walk through their doors.

In this webinar, Susan Thurman, VP of patient services and chief nursing officer at Wellstar Paulding Medical Center, will discuss how her organization is building their virtual nursing program as part of a broader hybrid care strategy, and how they hope to see the program grow in the future. Register for the webinar to learn how Wellstar is:

  • Thinking strategically about virtual nursing, and incorporating it into a broader hybrid care strategy in the future

  • Utilizing technology and existing partnerships to better enable virtual nursing and collaborate with their inpatient nursing staff

  • Improving the patient care experience and supporting existing nurses through their hybrid care approach